Reviews for "Immortality"

Intense, just the way i like it

Got that intense feeling, raw and suspenseful. It had a raw feeling that and was nice to just listen to over and over. You have done a good job making the music flow together.


"Stop right there, [name]!"
"Fool.... You cannot stop me now! Kill him!"
*Hatches open in walls and robots come out, 3 times larger than you.*
"HAHAHAHAHA!" *Dark Lord runs to his shuttle*
*Dodge some robots and blast Dark Lord's shuttle, disabling it*
"Fool, my pets will kill you..."
*More hatches open and hounds with bloody claws and pieces of meat between their teeth come out, then all lunge at you.*
"I can defeat you, Dark Lord! *Dodges a dog and punches it in jaws*
"You have gotten farther then I anticipated... But here you die."
*HUGE super robot comes out directly behind Dark Lord. He runs to it and gets in.*
"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" *Starts blasting*

That's my idea for what this song would go well in. I hope you like it.

Sounds like a Doom Planet



out of all so far this is my fav song, immortality rocks!!!!


THIS MUSIC IS GOOOD ONE THING................................
....KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!