Reviews for "Immortality"

This is beautiful

I love it, i actually downloaded this and put in on my ipod. You rock, keep up the good work.

Frigging Sweet!

Dude this would be a sweet alternative to like a final fantasy escape scene or some type of a hectic rush. You truly are the best! 10/10!

awesome for fighting makes me wanna get up n fight

i give this all 10's cuz i rlly like how it hypes me up n the sound like in the middle i wld deffinently use it if i had flash


wow dude. this is one of the best music things ever and it kinda sounds like mortal kombat but not as much as everyone says cuz i kno my music. I also kno this is not right but it kinda sounds like metroid when samus has to escape brinstar a lil. VERY GOOD GOOD WORK and plz make more

oh man...

all your tracks are either platinum, double platinum or diamond, and it's not hard to see why. this is one of the most awesome tracks I've heard on NG.