Reviews for "Immortality"

With a loop this would work perfectly on an "mortal kombat style" interactive brawl between the main protagonist and a recurrent boss (the type that goes on your way often)

Sounds lke a very intense battle against a giant killer monster/batshit insane dude with a flamethrower. I like it!

this would sound great in sonic rpg episode 9...
which, If I am not mistaken, is the final episode that has yet to be made :P

I think I'm uploading this to 4shared...

From 0:00 to 0:23 is the dialogue, then ACTION! Very speedy! I hate the bosses on these kind of tones. They are always annoying with a predictable but albeit annoying attack pattern and might just be one of those unbeatable bosses until you get something special... Keep up the good work!