Reviews for "Australia Day"

Telstra would surely be pissed...

...if they knew you were stealing their adverts. I thought this was really well done and appropriate. Happy Australia day everybody!


Good animation, and it is good someone did something for Australia day.

Though it is an animation of the Broadband ad isn't it

SamGreen responds:

Correct. Thanks.

A good rendition of a classic

4/5 beers mate :)

Had a awesome Aussie day, cheers :)

A word to Americans

To any Americans who feel they can't understand the humor because they're not Australian, just make a couple of substitutions. Instead of January 26th, think July 4th, and imagine a history teacher asking, "What is the significance of July 4th to Americans" and getting back, "We get to stay home and have a barbecue." Pretty much the same reaction. And then the dad would say "Next time, mention the fireworks". See, it crosses cultures, it's universal, and that's what makes it brilliant.

SamGreen responds:

PERFECT! Was wondering if it was worth it to actually put in translations hehehe


not original but its great to see something for Australia day