Reviews for "Australia Day"

average at best.

I didn't like it, there animation it self wasn't bad and the fact that you did it in such a short time deserves merit, but to the people below swearing their heads off like MW2 nerds on xbox 360, its completely unnecessary to be carrying on, atleast SOMEONE made the effort to make an Australia day animation.

Best Day EVER. (x-mas is such a wannabe) lol

hah. i love that ad. should use yours instead of telstras.

F*** The Wha?

it didnt look bad at all but i guess it would have helped about 5 more points if i was born and raised in australia or somthing....

Good job :D

In the time it took you to make this you did a awesome job in creating the fash, i didn't do a ten because it was short. but still good :)

This was cute =]

I really like this flash. My favorite part was when the teacher look at the dad. Lol. =] and it was kind of funny.