Reviews for "Australia Day"

That Telstra ad!

Aw mate, it's THAT AD. I bet if they shot the ad that way it would've been even better. It's also great to see another Australian animating stuff like this, the way you drew that 'keep the rabbits out' guy was funny as.

Good stuff


Oh yeah, I remember that ad...
Very nice animation Sam.
Even if you did copy a Ad, it's nice that your sharing it with the world in a nice cartoonish way :P
I wish you luck with your Puppy as well.
And good luck in the future :)


!@#$ that's funny sh*t

!@#$ that's funny sh*t and i am also want to know when killing spree 7 is coming?

talk to ya later mate


killing spree Vll would have been better, but this is ok


it wasnt a complete waste of my time beacause it was short and it was alrght