Reviews for "Australia Day"

it was

just the ad...

SamGreen responds:

Yeah I explained that, thanks for restating.


this is heaps better than the original ad! well done.

go aussie!

i dont mean to offend you

but can you make flash animations that are more your idea. other than copying stuff from tv adds. it pretty lame watching a flash version of something thats already been done.

good flash animation tho.

SamGreen responds:

I really wish people would read the author's comments before "reviewing" submissions. As I claimed it wasn't anything more than the ad, it was in celebration for Australia Day. Wasn't me attempting to "be original" for once.


Good animation, and it is good someone did something for Australia day.

Though it is an animation of the Broadband ad isn't it

SamGreen responds:

Correct. Thanks.

well thats not taken off of anything

oh wait wasnt this on that advert a while back
good animation though

SamGreen responds:

Yeah it was, thanks.