Reviews for "Australia Day"

A word to Americans

To any Americans who feel they can't understand the humor because they're not Australian, just make a couple of substitutions. Instead of January 26th, think July 4th, and imagine a history teacher asking, "What is the significance of July 4th to Americans" and getting back, "We get to stay home and have a barbecue." Pretty much the same reaction. And then the dad would say "Next time, mention the fireworks". See, it crosses cultures, it's universal, and that's what makes it brilliant.

SamGreen responds:

PERFECT! Was wondering if it was worth it to actually put in translations hehehe


And he should have gotten a better name then australian day and teacher might believe him after the grown man supported him. Also, you know too much mr. anderson....

I'm surprised

I really didn't expect to see an Australia Day submission! I wish we celebrated Australia day here in the U.S. It's my birthday! Anyway, very nice for such a rushed submission. (Runs off to look at your other stuff)

Not really funny to me.

Seeing as I'm American assume this means I don't understand Austrailian humor very well. For rushed for the animation is great though.


Didnt think I'd see an Australia Day flash on Newgrounds!<3
A pleasant surprise.
That Bigpond ad was right though, it is just a day off to play cricket, drink alcohol and have a BBQ.
Really well animated, I love the teachers angry face heaps. xD
Horray for short animations!