Reviews for "Last Breath : Overwhelmed"

One of the best Flash games of its genre

There are _lots_ of games, even Flash games, of the vertical shooter genre. Particularly good members of the series stand out for certain reasons. This one's reasons are the following:

Difficulty level = somewhat challenging yet not unplayably hard. Personally I'd prefer it to be significantly more difficult, but I tend to be pretty good at this type of game, so it's probably fine where it is to avoid alienating most people.

Customization = sufficient yet not overwhelming. There's a sufficient amount of variety in the upgrade options to allow for multiple styles of play, and the prices are all pretty much balanced.

Pacing = perfect. Levels are exactly the right length to keep you entertained for a length of time and give you a break just when you need it, and level replays are handled precisely how I'd do it: you can only earn a limited total amount of money per level, and you only improve your score up to that amount, rather than replaying levels infinitely for infinite resource gains.

Sound = good. Good music, good sound effects, but I'd really like volume controls rather than just an "On/Off" toggle. It's a bit loud as-is for my taste; I'd drop it to about 70% of where it currently is if there were volume controls.

Unquantifiable fun factor = great. Enemy attack patterns, asteroid mechanics, control responsiveness, everything adds up to an unquantifiable fun factor that makes this game one of the best of its genre, right up there with Danmaku Legend II.

There really isn't really much else to say other than "Congrats, and please add volume controls."

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks, I'll add sliders to my next games. I think the problem with my game is that it isn't very accessible; while some people have a great time playing, it's simply too difficult for those who aren't experienced with space shooters. I'll take every constructive review in consideration while making my next games.

Nice try

i think u made it relaly hard but if u got a shitty computer u can turn up the resolution and make it easier to dodge the boss haha
the upgrades absolutly bs cuz they dun even kill lvl 1 units and the screen is full of their units

Reminds me of Mars/Deimos Rising!

A few suggestions:
-The second boss was fun as hell once I figured out how to take out its shields
a) I would like to throw more asteroids at things
b) There should be some mention that throwing asteroids at things is a very effective strategy, you only mention that they're a hazard
c) Throwing asteroids at fighters should do a lot more damage.

-I would have much preferred a weapons configuration setup rather than the run-of-the-mill mindlessly upgrade your default weapons thing. I.E. a weapon with more spread or a dumb fire torpedo that can optionally replace the default missile.

-More steady progression of level difficulty, I found that at times my upgrades weren't keeping up with the levels.

-Wider hit boxes (or whatever you call where shots register hits on a model) on the bosses.

-In the last levels with the hangars and the laser obstacles and stuff there need to be more things to shoot at for a couple reasons.
a) Boring as hell, needs explosions.
b) You get absolutely no money on these levels while in the last levels you get upwards of $1000 each.
c) I'd suggest some turrets that are placed on the grounds and making the landed ships shootable. I want to feel like I'm tearing throught the place lol.

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually hadn't thought of placing turrets on the floor in the base, but that's a pretty good idea! I will look up the 2 games you mentioned for inspiration. Thanks for the review!


great game I love it but I do agree the first boss is a little overwhelming


the music is good, the graphics are good, the power ups are pretty good, the controls are also good... but the bosses... too hard. and i would of liked it if you could go back into levels and get money... but for some reason i'm guessing you have to get more money that you got the first time to earn it... because i did't get any money from beating a level twice.