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Reviews for "Tail Anger"

not to shabby

good game bit of a pain on a laptop but still good

pretty fun..

very easy to die and bad english, bur well done.

original game controls

A very well made game. 8/10 for originality, I have never run into game controls like these before, but the actual game play is nothing new. 10/10 for drawings great job there even though i have to agree the nudity is disturbing. 9/10 for the animation and effects no complaints except that you didn't have voice acting (which is what would have made this above and beyond). 9/10 for the game concept (the story line). -1 for the picture of sexy lady when you roll over the game's name in the flash portal, that is just annoying.

its ok

it's a pretty simple game but i don't like that controll over the direction you wanna shoot or maibe it's just a difficulty seting

okay, but...

The story line is funny (and maybe created under the influence). The english is awful, but then, god knows if you know anyone who could help you with that, so people have to appreciate the fact that you put some effort in making your game "international-friendly".

I really took stars out because it's so hard to set a target I kept on dying just because I had to choose to either dodge or actually try and kill someone. Other than that, the upgrades are cool, the berserk attack helps a lot and the enemies are creative. Keep up the good work, and if possible, repost this with a re-thought control system and reviewed texts.