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Reviews for "Tail Anger"

death vs monstars

blatant rip off of death vs monstars, only much easier
with a creepy grown up (and still quite nude) version of tails of sega/sonic fame named "tail" as if you put as much effort in hiding that as you did the relation to death vs monstars

absolutely nothing original about this game and the main character is quite disturbing

Somewhat enjoyable...

Aside from the fact that I was disurbed by the main character's ambiguous nudity and such, but still, pretty good.


While the game is somewhat decent, the lack of proper english is just awful and ruins the game. Seriously needs work.

not to shabby

good game bit of a pain on a laptop but still good

its ok

it's a pretty simple game but i don't like that controll over the direction you wanna shoot or maibe it's just a difficulty seting