Reviews for "_Nemesis"

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Pretty much a disfigured Canabalt with coins, I'll give ya 5 stars because I like the lil squiggle vision going on and the lil squiggly dude., plus a little bit more challanging than your other. The detail wasn't too bad, not too bad, but where's the detail? Gotta put more into it, this is Canabalt dude, make something your own game, that people could enjoy, and not compare every time to Canabalt, that's someone else's game, do something different, maybe even better than that, give it a storyline maybe, explosions, characters :D That could be a great game man, just go for it. I'm hoping to see your next game may be a sick one ;) So good luck if you're going at something else with this sorta gaming. I'd like to see it.

its just like canabalt...

it's a great concept, but it needs more built onto it. in canabalt, you smash through windows, jump over bombs, etc. Also, it's too hard to grab coins...