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Reviews for "Curveout"

great effort

really good must ve taken time and work it should be an app for a i pod or iphone!

lol glitch

lol well i beat the game i guess, my score was the best on the high scores which my score kinda sucked but i encountered a glitch on my second run thru, the circle bumper caught my ball and my ball kept circling it and causing sparks but would never release my ball so i had to restart LOL, otherwise its a good game


so awesome...

wwwwoooooowwww.. O.O

relaxing soundtrack.. dark colors.. super beyond cool graphics.. love how the outermost walls vibrate when the ball hits too.. the grey n black shades in combination with the light blue glowy shine scattering ball is amazing..

ooh and i love how the stage when complete just proceeds instantly..

super awesome work.. =) keep em' comin!

pretty cool

kept me entertained for a while.

Theres a glitch for when you run out of lives - you dont restart the game it just sends you to the next level every time you die. So I cheated an beat every level that way once I ran outta lives. But I didnt get achievements for those levels (I didnt destroy the bricks I just killed myself repeatedly after around level 12)

Cool little game though, I think the paddle might be too small for players to try and curve the ball, its too risky! And the reward is basically nothing, you cant really pin point a brick with the curve so even if you had the skill it wouldnt earn you anything. I did manage to curve the ball so fast that it ended up going in repeated circles in one spot though! That was kinda cool.