Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"

not bad

this is a good idea for a game found it quite fun.


this game is a master work.
plz make a second part!!!!!!

great work!

kinda kool

its ok little boring but you cant say its a bad or horrible idea its cool

Sweet! I gotta score of 0!

Well i didnt like it. Cuz pretty much i sucked at it! I guess it could be a fun game to play if you were good at it. Overall it wasent that good tho. Peace out...

Didnt like

I really didnt like it it was really bad and the bubble like would go slow and then like fast and it was just dumb i couldnt even get past the first level unless i just suck at it! please respond to this cause i love to read what you say about my comments on your flash evn if they arn't that good! and at least i took the time to write you something about your flash!! (maybe i should have given you a better score, what do you think?) Yes/ No?