Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"

I know your source of inspiration :D

I like this game so much!
I like the style, the sound of the wind... And when the first password appears after the first stage, it also reminds me an old game, in fact my favorite PC game: Out of this world (Another world). I've noticed that you used the same passwords list. So I came to visit your website and find soapbubble2, and it's obvious that Out of this world is one of your favorite games too.
Keep up the great work !

That was an excellent game, forget what the others

I thought that was an excellent game becasue the fact that there was no music wwhatsoever, and that it was just the ambience of a cave, made it true-to-life, well, as true to life as a bubble trying to escape a cave, haha, there was no need for music. i gave you a ten in graphics because i thought they were pretty damn good. anyway, keep up the good work

A fun, yet sort of boring game with solid graphics

This game was fun, but the fact that there is no music and almost no sounds can make it boring. Solid game though and fun! Just have music next time!

an ok game

I like the design of this game just trying to navigate something with out it haveing to touch anything its an ok concept.


This is a very interesting concept for a game. Addictive, and creative! This can easily make one addicted, congrats! In area of improvement, I'd say add a soundtrack or something, other than that, great job!