Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"


This game rocks and especially the sound added lots of tension and I gave "Humor" 0 because there wasn't really anything funny... obviasly ( Soz for wrong spelling ) lol. The "Violence" is 2 because Bubble pops! Also the graphics rocked, also the skeleton on the table was nicely done.

*Thumz up* XD


this game has too much nerve tension

sometimes you can't tell what is going to kill you and whats not but the game is fun and addictive

Its ok

Its kinda hard but once u get the hang of its ok i guess ok job


not bad nice idea that kind of game just dosent appeal to me

i like the game so much

Very good work here especially with sound and the graphics are ok but most of all the movement of the bubble is very dood.

kind of similar to another game