Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"


Very, very hard to start over when dying. But I love the look of the game.


I have seen a few like this but this was good, the bubble is just hard enough to control to make this not-too-easy which makes it fun to play

thanks for this instant classic

wow i really loved this game and i saw how much you improved it because i also played the second soap bubble. this one was a bit too hard but i love the concept dude make a third one and start the soap bubble revolution


This is a classic!
There is a game like this a long time ago, so I am glad you made one as well, it does not matter.
But there's a problem with the screen- some parts when there's no animation gets blacked out, so I will try the new version.
Once again, thank you!

Simple and aesthetically pleasing, but very hard!

This game reminded me of that helicopter game, only it is far superior. The graphics are simple yet very nicely done and the sound doesnt have some annoying repetitive tune but instead good use of tense FX. However, I found this game really hard and gave up in the end, as there is no real objective that motivates one to complete it! I like how you attempted to create a story as well though, and having the passwords is good so that if you're finding a level difficult then you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning, which would be greatly irritating. Nice concept and a visually attractive game, but in the end I got bored.