Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"

Very original

Great idea for a game, some interesting and challenging levels, atmospheric sound effects and minimalist graphics which were functional and fitted the setting nicely.
Unfortunately the pause button seemed to be a quick way of stopping momentum rather than an actual pause as the levels continued to move and the time continued to pass. Otherwise a great game with a happy ending!


all i have to say is WTF?!?!?!?!?! never thought of making a soap bubble the star of a game... interesting concept. i personally would tweek it jsut a little, the controls are far too sensitive. its fun... i think... my mind hasnt really grasped the consept of guiding a bubble yet... im sure once it has i will think a little diffrently about the game, more than likly i will end up loving this game. word of advise, if your on any sort of halusinegetics(i cant spell), DONT play this!!! YOU WILL NEVER COME DOWN!!! by far though, a great non-violent game. keep up the great work.


thanks for ruining my night
the most fucking addictive game and most fuckING ANNOYING thing to do over and over and over same lvl after lvl

.... but good game.... 8/10...

i got bubble and mini-bubbles reunited again :D!!!

ahhh a bubble....nothing like a life of a buble.

positive aspects:
-from the beginning one is trhilled to know that you'll be directing a bubble :D
-3 lifes
-extra bubbles to pick up during the adventure
- passwords
-music is well accomodated, its relaxing to hear the background sounds, as well as the bubble when it explodes
-great graphics!!!!!
-being able to pause the game
-many other little details....

negative aspects:
- timing, and the score goes away when we use the code :(
- letters are not that well understandable, i confused a b with a d, try it.
- not many levels

---- at the end when i encountered the tree and little bubbles i was looking like crazy for my bubble, desperate that might explode, till i saw THE END :D !!!! weeeeeeeeee

Great game

Wow this game is quite fun! In the game you use the arrows keys to steer your way down a sewer full of traps and..if you touch the edges of the pipes, you pop! Great game..so simple yet fun!