Reviews for "Soap Bubble I"

this is an excellent game that all can enjoy.

this game is wicked.every1 can enjoy dis 1.i had fun wid dis 1 it was well planed out and challenging.keep it up.


Hey guy I really liked this game! Awesome background and sound, congrats. One more thing, the final level code is FXLC!!!!1!!!!


I would have never (as a game developer) would have thought of making such a game but i'm not complaining cose it's alright :) I like your unique thinking but maybe you shouldn't use bubles for a game?

Pretty good

This game has a simple concept, but quit challenging. I got caught speeding too many times, and its the biggest piss-off when you're near the end... >=(


I love the graphics, so simple yet very effective. The bubble was nicely animated, it felt very light and free flowing. Keep up the good work :)