Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

Holy SHIT!!!!!
Nice Vocals!

This is the first music i ever listened to on Newgrounds that wasn't on a movie or game and its fucking awesome! i wish i could've heard back when i first started watching Dragon Ball Z in elementary

I would normally say that the chorus gets repetitive but with the instruments in the background, its bearable. 6 Out of 5.

Wow! Really surprised I thought it would be too repetitious at first, but it's really good! Well done! :)

people, stop saying that the tempo is too slow. sure, could use more energy, but don't hate it just because it's slow. some of the best songs are slower than a snail, so don't be hating this song because it's not fast.

good job as always by the way.

hania responds:

Thank you thank you :D