Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

I am gonna be completely honest with you...
The music is okay not good not bad.
However i have heard your talent.
I have had the chills down my spine and my hairs stand up at the back of my neck.
When i heard alice is dead.
That song i still play and i have it on my iphone.
Alice is dead and other songs you have done are more in the realm of grown up professional music.
Dragon Ball doesnt do it for me and neither does my little pony.
You have the talent to make it in the music business but not with these songs.
I am not sure if the goal is to make in the music business? But if i were you i would give it a shot but with the other other style.
Do dragon ball and my little pony for fun but please i beg you keep to the real good stuff!

i love your music i dled it and listen to your music like once a day but i dont like this song sorry i liked the ending but not worth dling

anyway im a big fan of your music sorry for the bad review but im just trying to be honest

Good but too slow and no kick-in. If you kicked it in and put some real energy into the main verses then this would of been amazing. Rest of it is good though, but I find this with a lot of your work I hear and I came upon your work via average girl. That song kicks in and you really put some speed and pace on it. Never do build ups if you never kick it in to something fast. It is like revving up a card getting dropped from a plane and then only going 10MPH.

Like I said, it may just be your style and it is nice but you seem to have some sort of weird conflict, you sound like in your songs like you are trying to getting power and energy out of your voice but yet because of the fact you hold back you never get there. I listened to your haru-song and my god I loved that, you clearly have a great voice and lots of talent so far be it from me to say you are doing it wrong but sometimes, you just need to stop with being slow paced and just crank it up.

Mix up you pace. Come in fast, slow down for a moment then kick it back in. Enter slow, build up and pull a false let-down to then hyper ramp up. This is the element of these sort of song because if you listen to dragonball Zs opening it is all mega energy, no holding the voice back.
Just my 2 hundredth of a pound sterling but you are talented. Keep it up.

I am going to be honest with you.

I never found you to be a good musician at all, though it is obvious that you do know how to sing. However, I will try to be fair.

Sound design: This is possibly the only thing that this has going for it. You did a good job on the piano, timpani, and strings. You know how to handle VSTs correctly, and that is probably one of your few merits. Unfortunately, the instrumentation, while well done, is unfitting for something like this.
Vocals: To tell you the truth, I never found your voice to appealing at all. However, it is obvious that you know how to sing, which is the only other thing that justifies your reputation. As for the lyrics, they're the same as the stateside intro, but I'm not a lyricist so I really can't criticize.
Composition: Seeing this is a cover of the intro, I can't really fault you for following it to a T. However, the tempo for this is unfitting for a song that is supposed to be intense. I understand that you wanted something slow and ominous, but it just doesn't complement this at all. Please listen to Gwar, Infected Mushroom, Texas Faggot, Andophoria, Penta, Hypnotic Mushroom, Simon Posford, Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot (their first two albums I might add), Dying Fetus, or KMFDM.
Other: I may be harsh at times, but will acknowledge that you have the basic skills. On the other hand, it would be best if you went in a different direction.

What I did like:
-Well-written for the most part
-Well sung
-Nice use of classical instruments
-A different type of cover song.

What I didn't like:
-Annoying vocals
-The soundset and tempo didn't really complement this.

Overall: To tell you the truth, I have no right to give you a zero, but am sorry that a five out of ten is all I can give you. I sure as shit know that your fan will hate me and what not, but felt that serious honesty was sorely needed. (2.5/5)

I'll have to agree with LEVaughn on this one, honestly. The lyrics were insanely repetitive, but the music itself wasn't too bad.