Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

Too much dragon balls Z !!! But you have a awesomely good vocal . The rock and fit good. But it the vocal who whas scarying me the most . Too much repetitive. But a good soundtrack in general.

The vocals were really well done by this unknown woman. Give her some credit. Could of cut a couple of the dragon come get me verses out and maybe dropped a Rock the dragon ball out here and there thus shortening the song a bit but still excellently done! Please check out my latest upload, It's a living (Redux). Thanks and keep doing great!

Hmmmm as a fan I don't think this was one of your better pieces of song work. The ones like Alice is Dead and Redlight City still give that impact and tasteful flow. This one was a bit choppy, though probably mostly from me used to hearing most of the DBZ songs as both fast pace and rocking style in a rap way.

Vocalizing wise, it doesn't seem to flow to well and was heavily relied on the really good music in the back. Maybe increase the pace of your vocals on "Rock the Dragon Ball Z" because it sounded way to relax and considering how intense DBZ tends to get, it was another minus.

Still I love the vocal and music separately, but they don't mesh well together in my honest opinion. So 3.5/5 and also welcome back to Newgrounds!

I am gonna be completely honest with you...
The music is okay not good not bad.
However i have heard your talent.
I have had the chills down my spine and my hairs stand up at the back of my neck.
When i heard alice is dead.
That song i still play and i have it on my iphone.
Alice is dead and other songs you have done are more in the realm of grown up professional music.
Dragon Ball doesnt do it for me and neither does my little pony.
You have the talent to make it in the music business but not with these songs.
I am not sure if the goal is to make in the music business? But if i were you i would give it a shot but with the other other style.
Do dragon ball and my little pony for fun but please i beg you keep to the real good stuff!

I'm just gonna say this: You could but more efford to this, for sure... :D but on the other part not bad not bad keep on doing what you doing.