Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

I'm not sure what I can say to justify how I feel about this piece. Easily a remarkable take on the English opening and my favorite one at that. Solid work. As a personal preference I would had loved to had heard more variation in the instruments- Like said opening.

The song wasn't bad and the entire second half was good, great even near the end.
However the lyrics and ambience in the first half were...meh.

It's the downside of greatness , people have high expectations.

PS: started the song a second time while writing this and the first half already sounds better.
Maybe knowing what will follow somehow enhances the appreciation for the first half? (+1star)

Well, you took a huge bet on nostalgia with this one. Looks like a few people didn't bite-- DBZ fans are pretty sparse and in between nowadays, and while there were problems with the song, like the relatively unimaginative and repetitive lyrics (the same problems I have with the original song, actually), the added lyrics and grungy-smooth style you bring to it really picks up the slack. Always looking forward to your next song, keep at it.

The vocals were really well done by this unknown woman. Give her some credit. Could of cut a couple of the dragon come get me verses out and maybe dropped a Rock the dragon ball out here and there thus shortening the song a bit but still excellently done! Please check out my latest upload, It's a living (Redux). Thanks and keep doing great!

"Heart of gold with power levels so insane; over 9000 Ready to protect the world!" ... "Will our soul and all our might We will charge at speed of light"
That part I loved, the chorus is a little rough. The affects make me feel like I just hit a lot of acid, and I don't mean that to meanly but that a little more focus could be better.