Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

Glad your back!

I am a fan of yours. You are beautiful and ERMERGERD your voice! but idk about this song...... I mean it was ok, but not your best work. I just didn't think the instrumentals fit your voice that well but other than that it was good. You are defiantly my favorite musician on newgrounds though.

To be honest I think this song was kind of corny. lol But I do like the Kamehameha at the end...very dramatic!! So because that was worth the wait I'll give you 5 stars!! Also because I'm a fan of your music and James Lee animation.. you guys make a great team!!

I would normally say that the chorus gets repetitive but with the instruments in the background, its bearable. 6 Out of 5.

people, stop saying that the tempo is too slow. sure, could use more energy, but don't hate it just because it's slow. some of the best songs are slower than a snail, so don't be hating this song because it's not fast.

good job as always by the way.

hania responds:

Thank you thank you :D