Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

Too much dragon balls Z !!! But you have a awesomely good vocal . The rock and fit good. But it the vocal who whas scarying me the most . Too much repetitive. But a good soundtrack in general.

What REALLY got me was the music. The Dragon Ball Z Rock the- stuff didn't get me, but the singing vocals were really good! Didn't really make me think DBZ, but I will say I got chills. Going to put a 4/5 on it because what you did good, you did amazing on. Room for awesome improvement!

Holy SHIT!!!!!
Nice Vocals!

When you get stronger on that 2:10 on, It's a whole new you. haha, Sounds absolutely fantastic, Hania. Going to play on my radio show. Fits the theme(ish) of the show this week, too.
Great stuff!!

Well, you took a huge bet on nostalgia with this one. Looks like a few people didn't bite-- DBZ fans are pretty sparse and in between nowadays, and while there were problems with the song, like the relatively unimaginative and repetitive lyrics (the same problems I have with the original song, actually), the added lyrics and grungy-smooth style you bring to it really picks up the slack. Always looking forward to your next song, keep at it.