Reviews for "Dragon Ball Z Inspired"

This is actually the first negative rating I gave anything, but to be honest it was SOOO repetitive and the lyrics were not very creative. I clicked cause I'm a DBZ nut and I listened to the end to make sure I gave it a fair chance. Maybe it's a style I'm just not into but my advice would be to come up with more lyrics than that. I feel like it was legitimately one verse and the rest was just repeated over and over. But hey it could just not be my style of funk. Best of luck to ya (:

Sweet song! Nice work as always!

I love it, its very great that it has a slow beat, very epic.

people, stop saying that the tempo is too slow. sure, could use more energy, but don't hate it just because it's slow. some of the best songs are slower than a snail, so don't be hating this song because it's not fast.

good job as always by the way.

hania responds:

Thank you thank you :D

Good but too slow and no kick-in. If you kicked it in and put some real energy into the main verses then this would of been amazing. Rest of it is good though, but I find this with a lot of your work I hear and I came upon your work via average girl. That song kicks in and you really put some speed and pace on it. Never do build ups if you never kick it in to something fast. It is like revving up a card getting dropped from a plane and then only going 10MPH.

Like I said, it may just be your style and it is nice but you seem to have some sort of weird conflict, you sound like in your songs like you are trying to getting power and energy out of your voice but yet because of the fact you hold back you never get there. I listened to your haru-song and my god I loved that, you clearly have a great voice and lots of talent so far be it from me to say you are doing it wrong but sometimes, you just need to stop with being slow paced and just crank it up.

Mix up you pace. Come in fast, slow down for a moment then kick it back in. Enter slow, build up and pull a false let-down to then hyper ramp up. This is the element of these sort of song because if you listen to dragonball Zs opening it is all mega energy, no holding the voice back.
Just my 2 hundredth of a pound sterling but you are talented. Keep it up.