Reviews for "- Temple -"

Great Game!

Just one question: why is it E?

If you knew

Just how hard it is to make a real FPS with flash, you'd know this deserves frontpage. sure it's over the shoulder but it's good.

Follows Doom formula to a T

Little bit of story that tells us what and why we're killing, and then BOOM, thrust right into the action. Does a game that is unabashedly about killing NEED any more story?

Overall this game plays like a first person shooter from 1990. It lacks a lot of the suck that those games had, too- enemies don't screw you over from behind, the FOV looks great and doesn't feel zoomed in, the levels, though repetitive, have a good theme to em, and the monsters actually get progressivly harder (until you run into the explosive one, anyway). Unlike the other guys, I LIKED the auto-sword mechanism. It's really only a pain when you cut an exploding demon or explosive barrel by mistake, so I could see it changed to only cutting things while holding down an attack button. This is a worthy addition to anyone's flash collection.

Mmm I wasn't expecting much.. But

You surprised me! this game is alot different to most flash games. I like how you incorparated the 3D engine in it. Must of been a nightmare to code and program. Problem I see here is the controls, the arrow can be overly sensitive and makes it hard to aim. But thats not a good enough reason to downgrade the rating, as it can be easily modified. You really done the shit with this!! well done!! :)

kool game

its like a different version of doom :P