Reviews for "- Temple -"

Follows Doom formula to a T

Little bit of story that tells us what and why we're killing, and then BOOM, thrust right into the action. Does a game that is unabashedly about killing NEED any more story?

Overall this game plays like a first person shooter from 1990. It lacks a lot of the suck that those games had, too- enemies don't screw you over from behind, the FOV looks great and doesn't feel zoomed in, the levels, though repetitive, have a good theme to em, and the monsters actually get progressivly harder (until you run into the explosive one, anyway). Unlike the other guys, I LIKED the auto-sword mechanism. It's really only a pain when you cut an exploding demon or explosive barrel by mistake, so I could see it changed to only cutting things while holding down an attack button. This is a worthy addition to anyone's flash collection.

Read the meat.

Great game, reminded me of the old school games i fell in love with in my youth. I think you could have added more weapons for us to play around with and made a button for swinging the sword. Normally i would give this game a nine-point-five...BUT when I finished the fourth level it kicked me back to level one. So minus three points for that huge bug. Other wise - GREAT game, if only you had worked with the creators of Dukem' Nukem' eh?

Cool, could be better tho

This game is pretty cool, I didn't expect so many flashy effects like when you get caught close to a explosion (it gets kind of blurry) but it lacks 2 things imo, more sound effects (when you hit a shrine is almost like touching a little bell, the sword does no slashing sound at all, and the enemies could use some voices) and more maps, every level is the same over and over and over again which makes it pretty boring, this applies to bonus levels too (also you don't need any special requeriment to access them, and there's one after every level, which makes little sense, but I guess you need some way of collecting so many gems).

Also the difficulty does NOT exist at all, the only time I was afraid of getting killed was on the last bonus level, with all those big demons around, but my hp didn't go below 50% even like that. The mobs random spawns doesn't make it better either, as I was slashing through waves of the bladearms sucky demons on the last level, and all I had to do to complete the game was run straight from one shrine to another after getting the needed element, just killing all I could in my way to collect a few more gems.

Overall, you need to introduce more sounds and make the game a lil bit harder, like making some mobs hit way harder and add a few more medkits (they are pretty useless to say the least) rangeds shoot faster... I didn't care getting in the middle of a explosion skelly as it helped me clean the way... That shouldn't work like this. Amazing game on some aspects, meat bouncing around with no predefined pattern, good lightning effects... But, it can use some work on the gameplay itself.

I can see

I can see that you put alot of effort into creating this for the graphics and even the story play but the controls weren't just akward they were confusing when i first tried them out.

Great game

Its a great game, but the only problem I see with it is that its pretty hard to aim using arrow keys....
P.S. Guy below me is a troll...