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Reviews for "TetriSnake"

This has to be one of the most ingenuic games

I have played alot of games in my life, almost all of them are the exact same puzzle game with a differn't variance that really does not make it original, but rather the same game with a new gimmick. This game is taking two games that I love, and creating a flawless idea that they both can compliment each other perfectly, which they do. I actually could see this becoming part of the Tetris series, someone adding snake powerup's and what have you, and making a damn good profit as a I-phone app. Seriously though, one of the best games Ive had the joy to play in a long time, I hope it takes you to the front page.


I actually enjoyed this game! Sometimes, combining two classic games together into one successful game happens, and TetriSnake is no exception. So far, I haven't seen any bugs. Just a fair warning to other players and/or otherwise, this is addicting.

Ridiculously simple!

This game is easy to master, but can turn devious if you are not careful. Well done!


So simple, I'm surprised I haven't seen this mash up before - kudos just for the idea. You could have worked on general styling (sound, graphics, design etc.) a bit more though.
Thanks for the game!

Really good idea

That's what I call a very well inspired game ;)
With more polished graphics and musics, it would be better (it's subjective), but the concept idea is great.