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Reviews for "Lurv in the Wood"

Poor girl bunny

Very cute, up until the end. The poor bunny.

Seankiely responds:

well maybe next time it'll be thye boy bunny :P

Sean I Love You

A big step from the Curious Cow ;) I hope there's more projects in the making......like maybe.....an epic series about a broken Tictac shooting lasers out of it's eyes?

Seankiely responds:

that sounds just crazy enuf to work my annomynus fry end!!!!!


That was the best thing i've ever seen.


crazy but nice!!

Seankiely responds:

why thank you very moooch

says someone with the name a crazy person

it was worth a giggle i suppose. alittle short though.

Seankiely responds:

yeh i know its a tad short but thats mainly because i want to move on and get more flashs done yhis was just more of flash to show im not a complete tard at making them lol thanks for the com tho