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Reviews for "Puppet Wars"

It's ok

I like the concept of the game. However, the game is far too easy. All you really have to do is spin continuously and remain aggressive to win. The new weapons and bodies were real easy to get. Maybe try upping the prices. The bosses are far too simple. The weapons they have are nowhere near as powerful as the ones you do. they have a little bit more health and that's it. This game needs work but the basics for a great game are there.

Alternate Controls

Its really hard to play right handed on a laptop or for a lefty in general so A and D should dub as arrow keys too. With that said I thought the game was tight. It could use some extra moves here and there. But I didn't find it that easy especially with difficulty setting. The music is fitting and cool. With alternate controls definitely a 10.

Very Easy

Interesting game, but I never lost a match on hard... Just sit there spinning...

Not bad

The concept is pretty good but i dont like the birds eye view of the stadium nor how easy it was to win
throw in some new moves, maybe some upgrades you can buy
and a few power ups during the rounds to pick up and you might have a game here