Reviews for "Multiplayer Asteroids 2"

Holy Cow.

This is the most amazing game I've played on Newgrounds in a while. Well done to you. :D 10/10 5/5 & added to Favorites.


Great game!
What about a voting system to kick(ban) that autoshooters? That would be quite cool! =)

Benjaminsen responds:

I just implemented a limit to how fast people can shoot. Should kill the auto shooters.


I agree with Hentai D that there should be a voting system implemented. Also, sound and possibly music would be great.

code on free levels one day

Not bad

An interesting take on a classic. It reminds more of Halo, though, than anything else (the fact that it takes forever to kill someone, but it only takes someone else two shots to both steal your kill, and take you out...)
There should be mobile cover/obstacles that roam the playing field, such as (what else) asteroids. Temporary power ups and multiple game modes (CTF, King of the Hill, etc.) can also keep this game fresh.
Hope you take my ideas into consideration.

Benjaminsen responds:

All noted, I will look into actually adding Asteroids soon ;)