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Reviews for "a moment of bliss"


technology!... nice circle thing

wow that is interesting

very neat movie dude and very relaxing

this was...

....very peacful thanks for putting this on here


It was pretty epic.. and amazing.. i positively loved it however i didnt really feel a moment of bliss. not saying that it wasnt a perfect title... the opening colors where amazing... but something about the scenes where theres alot of red and violent shaking kinda ran off from bliss towards armageddon to me. all in all it was awesome. I would have given u a 9... however i watched it again and i realized that white dude flipped me the bird lmao so i had to give u a ten

I try and listen to this

after a very stressful day at my job man this is very cool and relaxing after its done and i feel i can tackle an even harder day when its done a very stupendus job done here crew this is freaken awesome.