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Reviews for "a moment of bliss"

this is what newgrounds needed

this is something new and different and inspiring. there are alot of creative animators out there. but you are the most artistic and unique out of all of them. i like your new way of creativity. theres no need for story line, action, and comedy to make such a masterpiece. some people can't think like that. but you can. your video has that aura that is so new to me and to everyone who watched this amazing vid. i say good job. all those months or weeks working on this video is totally worth it. good job Joshua, good job Jeinu, good job Ngawang Samphel (is that in philippino?) you have did something that no one did before, you put soo much feel in a video that doesnt even have any characteristic of an average flash. amazing work here. simply amazing

Amazing Visuals

I just love the visual effects in this, especially that rotating thing. Just curious, was this all animated, or did you incorporate some actionscript and videoediting?


Excellent animatiion, very ambient and just beautiful
wish it was much bigger though

this is more than bliss

the song and music make you seem to want to cry and laugh at the same time and it looks better if you "dim the lights"

its 9 only because it makes me want to end it


I came in my room and it finished loading and i thought : "WOW"
that is great

you did good work