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Reviews for "a moment of bliss"

I love Winterwinwinf-NS.

Plus the visuals and everything. Aww.. man, I'd sit back and watch these kind of things all day if I could.

That was nice

Certainly got me relaxed.


All I can think to say is...

Thank you. I needed that.

I Loved It

It was so elegantly simple yet so gracefully complex. The music was so soulfully intoxicating. This really did live up to it's title. This truly was a moment of bliss. This was a very rare moment of enjoyment and relaxation for me. Thank you.


Simply superb. Nothing like I've ever seen on Newgrounds. I can definitely see you pored over this animation. It's very intricate without a storyline. Most animators find it hard to create an animation without one and struggle to find what you have obviosly have achieved.
The colour scheme was very complimentary to the music, not once did it contrast from it nor did it seem off beat. The variations that came into play as the animation progressed were different and seemed to share an emotion of there own while maintaining simple serenity.
The soundtrack that was chosen to accompany the animation was marvelous. It never lacked in quality or rhythm. It's very tranquil and easy to listen to over and over again. Like most songs, it kept a steady and repetitive beat. The only thing is, most songs seem to lack the quality of not sounding repetitive, this one on the other hand does have that quality. You faintly notice it and are actually quite soothed by it, giving it almost a homey feeling.
This is a masterpiece in it's own category. Simply authentic and pure imagination created this, and I have a feeling this is not the end of such beauty. Again, I give you sincerest appreciation. This is wonderful... good job.