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Reviews for "a moment of bliss"


that animation is just plain awesome , it makes me so relax!


it makes me relax


Ah...bliss... Just makes you wanna pour all your emotions on the table, scrap you crap, remember the day...what happened...what could have happened...what will happen...what..did happen.,..and makes you sort your emotions and your place in this world as a living being and...what have you contributed to this world? Are you worth being here? Am I worth being here? Is anyone else worth being here?
Why are we here? What is our...destiny? Think about it, and after your done...let me know, please. I care. So does your family. And your friends. Heck, tell everyone how you feel! It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's your emotions. Everyone has them. It's just which are underused, overused, or possibly even missused. Think about it. Please. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


This. Was. Amazing.
It made me ├╝ber sleepy and the visual work was amazing. You guys rock.

Simply, Stunning

Iv had a horrid past 5 weeks, so i logged onto NG, it always makes me relax, i laughed, then i remember this stunning flash, its been on loop for almost 2 hours now, it has calmed me so much. You guys rock,Fantastic song, and awesome visuals. Much love