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Reviews for "EnV - Green With Me"

Oh envy my pantys are all wet from you sexing my ears up

awsome! with tunes i hope you go far. you have a talent with music

I love you. : D

You know, so far in my life there have been 3 moments where I've felt a sudden rush of happiness, an awesome tingling just spreading throughout my body, what some people would call 'frisson' I guess.
One was after a girl I knew kissed me in a nightclub, another was after finishing an awesome article about humanity at 5am, and the 3rd time was while I was on a run and the drop to this song gave an incredible kind of runner's high. Green With Me has had a special place in my heart since then tbh. The beat is sweet.

Why is Green with me 0 megabytes in Geometry Dash?
But still, it's very good!