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Reviews for "EnV - Green With Me"

GASP! The overall rating is not 5/5! But mine is! :D The music is excellent and I like the instruments you used! This piece feels unique. And I love the rising notes on 3:25!

Love it, I dont know what else to say other than its good.

Envy responds:

You could always tell me you love me :(

Wow nice song! Really great dance song. The instruments all sound very pro-fessional. I like very much. You could have bumped up the power of the bass just a bit, not so much that it is all you can hear, but it seems like it would make the song even better. I downloaded it and rated it 5. Thank you for getting this out of the gates!


Brilliant, I love it all :D downloaded it, Favorite part is that fade starting with 00:30 with that steady buildup. Until it hits that speed bump from hell and makes so many amazing sounds for my ears.

Thank you so VERY much envy........<3

This song was absolutely amazing to listen to, you don't live unless you download this song! 3 mins onwards is the best part I love how it all just fits together!