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Reviews for "EnV - Green With Me"

Oh! House genre! I love it! It sounds so good! More like House- Dance though.

A very engaging track indeed! You have sooo many sounds that spark interest but I feel in each sounds you could do more. They all work perfectly with eachother but none of them really seem to standout on their own. Like many of the leads would benefit from dual tracking and delay. The drum beat would DEFINITELY increase in immersion if you were to take some claps or hi hats that you used and flip flop from ear to ear.
The song in whole is amazing!! Thankyou!!

Du-hu-huuude...This is amazing, even by your standards, man. I love it! More like this? I agree with Doc on the buildup, but I think that the slow bit at 2:08 provides contrast. It provides a pause in the action so you can better appreciate it when the action picks back up. I love the diversity in your songs, I really do. Keep on doin' how you do, bro.

One word. Epic


My Prescription: Love those damn buildups to the drop, and the drops themselves are beyond anything I could have hoped for :D. The downtempo at 02:08 onward is kind of unexciting until the buildup progression at 02:27, and as for the synth in the fadeout of the outro, man, that's just stands out so nicely, maybe use it for its own song?

Anyways, fantastic job here boyo. Always well done.

The Doctor