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Reviews for "Sketchy Friends Dance 2"

I really liked this.

I enjoyed this loop. You sir are a genius, and this is goin to my favs. Keep doin what u are doin.

TheBoogley responds:

billy, you're not an idiot at all :)


Very niiice! Your animation has gotten a lot weightier recently. Quite pro, if you ask me.

TheBoogley responds:

I guess I'm going to have to ask you then, now that I know I'm going to get such a complimentary answer! :D

hallo ha again boogley :3

since you wanted me to leave to leave my views on kittens and puppys i will!
puppys are cute and i likke them
i dont like kittens tho :(
also i have reviewed all of you flash submissions so that makes me awesome :3
does it not?
and no that wasnt a rehtorical question so i expect you to reply to it!!!

TheBoogley responds:

I guess it makes you pretty good, but who am I do decide if you are awesome... this needs to be handled by a proper authority, ask a kitty. And while you're asking it make friends with it, because kitties are supercute friends of everyone and they know stuff :)

Really Sketchy LMAO!

I like the music and how the "creatures" play the music with their movements

That was good

TheBoogley responds:

it'd be cool if we could just make music by moving around in the real world


Didnt see how it could top the first but it did! #3?

TheBoogley responds:

You really think so? thanks! :D