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Reviews for "Sketchy Friends Dance 2"

Just as good as the first one :D

Oh man.. i love your style of drawing :O I can't help but keep watching... i just wanna do that awesome robot dance...

Oh hey look... a frog :)!

TheBoogley responds:

bbbbbooooowwww 8O

Please use caution....

While dancing and headbobbing to this song.... make sure you done use funny faces... or your significant other shall appear right when you don't want her to. Yeaaa.... not speaking from personal experience or anything... *cough cough*

100000000000000000000/10 sideways8/5

TheBoogley responds:

I know what you mean, my wife was threatening to throw the computer out the window after a couple of weeks of this music while I was making it.

FruitLoops :D

The colors remind me of fruitloops :o Awesomeness :D (The birdie is my favorite ^>^)

TheBoogley responds:

little circles of deliciousness

Really great!

First time I watched it, I was stoned as all blitzkriegin' hell, and I sat and watched it for like fifteen minutes, not really waiting for it to end, just unable to stop laughing or smiling or bobbing my head drunkenly in what I felt was in tune. Honestly, what makes this so great is the fact that it DOESN'T have a "story" or "plot"; it just doesn't need one!
Please, make more.

(by the way - I <3 puppies!)

TheBoogley responds:

THANKS!! That's exactly the response I've been waiting for! :D
Also, I hope you wear a protective helmet when you bob your head drunkenly and when you love puppies.


centipedes frogs robots creatures?! how good can ur creative thinking get???!!!

TheBoogley responds:

ha! Thanks very much! :D