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Reviews for "Sketchy Friends Dance 2"

can't. look. away. so. good.

i enjoy this so much. love the characters. the animation. the music. wow. makes me wanna make some music vids for my music. seriously, i got home, put this on and probably left it playing for a good 30 mins. yeah. that good. love your stuff man!!

TheBoogley responds:

datamouth I love GLITTER & PILLS, thanks for the review! :D


Boogley, you should have told me its on loop, ive been watching 2 weeks straight wondering when its going to end! LOL

TheBoogley responds:

tee hee, I made your eyes bleed :3
not true! silly! :D

good job dud

the dance, ok, its a...some weirdly dance, whatever, the rythm and the quality was good for this vid, u got my 10 / 5

P.s: Cool see mah avatar!

TheBoogley responds:

sonic is a navi? :3

sweet mate

love it, you got some serious style there man. excellent audio sync too x

TheBoogley responds:

thanks man, I'm really happy you're impressed! :D

....whoa o.o

after watching this a few times i felt ....stoned.like i had just smoked some trippy stuff...and nice...effects....hold on im going to go back to watching this again......whoa....

TheBoogley responds:

see a doctor if pain persists