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Reviews for "Sketchy Friends Dance 2"


ok but the first one was better

TheBoogley responds:

why is that? Give me something magical and constructive I can work with so that the next one is better :)


You're extremely creative, I like it. This sort of music video has been done before, but nonetheless you've done a very good job with timing the music to the actions. Not to mention your artwork is rather unique; it adds a new, rather creepy (which isn't bad) vibe to video.

I'd vote higher, but the fact of the matter is this is a rather simple flash and quite frankly I hated the music. It was very abrasive, just not my thing...

Keep on experimenting, the pieces you spawn are very interesting.

TheBoogley responds:

I respect your decision, and like the idea of spawning my pieces,
like some sort of alien with an egg sack
nasty prisms sir, nasty prisms

Very.. awesome!

This one worked out better then the first sketchy friends dance u have made, because of the music u chose.. I rather liked this animation because the other one was a bit chaotic with the number of figures and without rythm in the song u used..

Anyways: ur awesome

TheBoogley responds:

Rhythym is a dancer,
it's a soul's companion,
you can feel it
you can feel it
Rhythm is a dancer


Rlly great done, nice beat 2, but make a preloader next time so it doesn`t goes on for hours =). 5/5 music, 5/5 movie!!!!

TheBoogley responds:

preloader? it has a preloader... hmmm...

There's good animation...

And there's your good animation. As simple as this one is, it says a lot. The music and the drawings themselves contribute to a sense of originality that is probably the greatest around here. On top of that, the animation was flawless, as well as the timing.


TheBoogley responds:

I've been working on my timing recently, reading a few books and trying things and it's really seeming to pay off, thanks for the kind words :D