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Reviews for "Sketchy Friends Dance 2"

that's crazy!

and I like crazy! A bit weird, but good anyway.

TheBoogley responds:

Hey Ymo7, I just checked out your art!
I like Jack and Belly Joe, but I'm not so sure about that Al fella... he looks kind of suspicious :)

No doubt

One of the best things ive ever seen on newgrounds

TheBoogley responds:

yes, thats right, this is one of the best things you've EVER seen, and it's also on newgrounds... see what I did there :3

2 thumbs up

Really good piece of work. Like the rhythm and the animation going together. Again Great job and hope to see more :)

TheBoogley responds:

That's bloody outrageous! :D


I couldn't give it less then 10, even thought the first one had cooler character~

TheBoogley responds:

so it's like a 9.8 rounded up? thanks! :D

Its like you're actually talking to me! Awww...

Me? personally im a cat person, but im going to get a dog to chomp any nutsacks that break into the house when im asleep. Kittens are so cute! (ur vid is loopiong for its 4th time i think)

Love the loop by the by, but wanted more booty shakin from the purple girl=much hawtness.

Awesome how each movement corresponds to their own beat set. the yellow guy creeps me out.

TheBoogley responds:

you can never get enough booty shakin