Reviews for "Burnt Face Man 9"


So densely packed with absurdity. Gastropod Overlord was awesome. Good show.

Ahh, I missed it ^^

I wanted to make a review of composed thoughts, but the whole thing was a bit mindblowing and mind overwhelming... 0_O I got no suggestions, it's perfect in its surreality.
Say, I really miss Salad Fingers. Care to say when he'll be back ;)? Cheers mate.
Oh - and I'm getting my mic real soon, so if you'd need a voice actor, feel free to check me out ;D
Good luck =D


Glad to see you haven't abandoned newgrounds, hope to see more.

i laughed so hard

i laughed so hard i threw up, and then i laughed some more!!!


haha XD
really laughed me ass oFF
this is so funny
i love the voice of BF man
the website part is hilarious
loved it!!!