Reviews for "The Human"

I love this!
I may have to remix this and make a more techno version of it

A beautiful, expressive composition. Vocals complement the rest very well.

Beautiful. It captures the hope of humanity.

I loved one of your songs once before... as it turns out, I've met another D&D character who might just be the very last Human, and I dedicated this song to him. :)

Absolutely beautiful and just generally incredible. It really shines through in every facet I can think of from the wonderfully integrated vocals to the sweet balancing of the sounds, everything comes through amazingly. Great work on an awesome piece, thanks for sharing.

This is going on my favorites list; no doubt about it. This would make for a great intro in a sci-fi movie where Earth is just a husk of its former self and bands of nomadic humans roam the world. Great theme!