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Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

This game deserves 15

Great riffs, great visuals, and now you've included great gameplay to rival that of guitar hero. You have some mofo'ing talent, sir.

Nevermind the bullocks!


this game is addicting and fun i cant stop playing it, controls are not perfect and could use some fine tuneing but when you get used to it are not that bad. when i first started i hated them with a passion but they are not that bad. love the make your own song tools,


Really an impressive piece. I can't fathom how long this project must have taken, from the artwork, animation, voice, and all that code/scripting. Overall; creatively, artistically, technically, and to sheer game play: AMAZING!

*Author Specific*
The only discrepancy I've run into on several occassions is not being awarded more than a few achievements at a time even if the player has earned more. Ex. Played a 3 song concert, scored over 250 note streak in two songs and was only awarded 100 note streak achievement back in the garage. This happened twice, perhaps something in the script/code? Regardless, I'm still impressed beyond words, thanks for this!

welll welll welll THAT JUST F****** AWSOME DUDE !!

the idea is just awsome i like the entire concept, ill like to see a grunge or death metal version of this LOL anyways there my tune.... it a punk cover for The Cure on the song called A Forest, allways fun to change new wave 80s music into RAW PUNK ! yeah, so here we go....

(A Forest)cL-ccL-ccL-ccD-acD-aad-gad-gad -gad-gaf-gaf-gaf-gaf-gaw-gaw-gcD-acD-
acK-caf-gaf-gad-gad-gaw-gaw-gcD-acD-a db-sbr-gbr-gdm-Z-Z-Z-Z-M,bR-aeu-abR-a cW-abR-abK-abN-cbX-cdc-caz-cdO-cbX-cd c-caz-cdO-cbR-ccW-cat-cdI-cbR-ccW-cat -cdI-ccH-ada-aaQ-ada-acH-ada-aaQ-aax-
aaI-gbR-ccW-cat-cdI-cbX-cdc-caz-cdO-c cH-ada-aaQ-ada-acH-ada-aaQ-aax-aaI-gc j-cdo-caL-cea-ccj-cdo-caL-cea-ccg-Z-Z -Z-Z-M,-lbk-cbt-ccg-cat-ccG-cbt-ccg-c at-ccG-cbn-cca-can-ccA-cbn-cca-can-cc A-cbP-acc-aaC-acc-abP-acc-aaC-aap-aax -gbn-cca-can-ccA-cbt-ccg-cat-ccG-cbP-
acc-aaC-acc-abP-acc-aaC-aap-aax-wbn-c ca-can-ccA-cbx-Z-Z-Z-Z-M,-lbN-chU-ckk -cij-ckO-chU-ckk-cij-ckO-chU-ckk-cij-
ckO-chU-ckk-cij-ckO-AhU-ckk-cij-ckO-c hU-ckk-cij-ckO-Qos-cop-cos-cot-ccg-Z-

Nice game!

It was a great improvement on the old Punk-O-Matic. By the way, try out my song!

(Go On Unpunished)du-cac-gac-gaf-gaf-iag-kdf dodododg-adp-abU-gbU-gbU-gbU-gdsdscY-
aab-gab-gaf-gaf-gaf-gaf-gaf-gdididg-Z -Z-Z-Z-Z-A,-dag-cag-cag-cag-cmZ-cnc-c ng-gpp-aag-cag-cnk-cap-cap-a!!-ana-cn a-cna-cnd-cnr-cnp-cap-cgn-c!!-cag-cag -cag-cag-cnp-cnq-cns-cnt-cnk-cnf-gnb-
cag-cag-cananap-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-A,af-caf-ca f-caf-caf-caf-cae-caf-caf-chv-aaf-caf -gak-cak-a!!-ifO-cfO-gfO-gfO-c!!-caf-
caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-c af-caf-caf-caf-cajajak-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-A,-d af-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-cpr-aa f-caf-gap-cap-a!!-ign-cgn-ggn-cmZ-cnf -gaf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-
caf-caf-caf-caf-caf-cananap-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z -A