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Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

A Sequel? Wow impressive

What a very nice and pleasant surprise, I can remember when the punk-o-matic was one of the first games I played here on NG, What a way to up the nostalgia to 11.

And with a over the top game indeed. So such more involvement, this has left the realm of some gizmo and entered to a very nicely built game.
plus double points for the GBT band, I do admit to being a fan.


So awesome. Greatest thing to ever be created in the history of flash. Incredible work here, man!! So glad to be a part of it. Do good!!


first one
game rockks

Hell yea, dude! Rock on!

The graphics are definitely simple and much improved.

This is greatly different from the 1.0 version, but the controls are easy to understand and simple to follow along.

This game has many options, which is a plus. I like the fact that the animation is smooth and not as choppy.

Lastly, the music and sounds of the instruments sounds fine on my CPU. Thus, you did a great job integrating simple chords, and other loops. Consequently, this makes this a better game, I am sure this will hit front page soon enough

Where are the penguins? Doooooood!!!!!!!


Seem play great and good see a second one after all this time :)
Great work size bit big but worth the wait .