Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

to be honest..

i thought this was going to be some massive "got you" joke, because i remember playing the first punk-o-matic soooo long ago, and never considered the possibilty of another but..
the overall outcome of your hard work obviously paid off because it shows how much effort and detail you've put into everything, even the background music corresponds with the amplifier. Simple things like this is why you'll most likely end up with many awards


I have never seen anything this long on newgrounds before but it is well worth the loading wait this game blew me away well done.

Still waiting for it to load.

But in advance, I'm sure it's an awesome game. We've all been waiting for this for years.

It should be done loading on this crappy PC by 2011, and then I'll write another review.

Thank you!

I am at a loss of words,there is no way in hell i expected to see a sequal to the greatest music program game on Newgrounds in Punk-o-Matic and this one was outstanding with all you could do to create a song and customize you own band i had lots of fun with this and will continue to do so for quite some time also i am amazed that a flash here exceeded 30MB but it is well worth it for this masterpiece.

A Sequel? Wow impressive

What a very nice and pleasant surprise, I can remember when the punk-o-matic was one of the first games I played here on NG, What a way to up the nostalgia to 11.

And with a over the top game indeed. So such more involvement, this has left the realm of some gizmo and entered to a very nicely built game.
plus double points for the GBT band, I do admit to being a fan.