Reviews for "Punk-o-matic 2"

About time.

Awesome game as expected, still working on some things.

You've outdone yourself

I love this game, its been years since the 1st one came out, and this game has the best stuff ive ever seen in a flash music game, and you put really good punk music in it too, this will be on front page i bet, good job on everything.


Are most flashed uploaded these days remakes of some sort?

Evil-Dog responds:

Haha do yourself a favor, play it


Seriously man, you just made my fucking life.
This game rules, and I'm sure it will be one of the best flash games of history
Congratulations,and I hope this game is a fucking success.

to be honest..

i thought this was going to be some massive "got you" joke, because i remember playing the first punk-o-matic soooo long ago, and never considered the possibilty of another but..
the overall outcome of your hard work obviously paid off because it shows how much effort and detail you've put into everything, even the background music corresponds with the amplifier. Simple things like this is why you'll most likely end up with many awards